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Phivos-Angelos Kollias

In the music of Phivos-Angelos Kollias, the human element is of central significance. His works, whether they are instrumental or electroacoustic, are influenced by different art forms and the sciences. In his research as a PhD candidate, he is exploring the connection of music and interdisciplinary scientific studies while he is applying it to his music.
Phivos-Angelos Kollias was born in 1982, in Rhodes, Greece, where he started his education in music. He has studied composition in England (APU, Cambridge & City, London) and France (Université de Paris VIII) with Horacio Vaggione, José Manuel López López, Richard Hoadley, Rhian Samuel and Athanasia Tzanou. He has also taken private lessons from Helmut Lachenmann, Georges Aperghis, Beat Furrer, Adriana Hölszky, Luis Naón and Agostino Di Scipio.
He has been awarded at the International Competition of the Verdi Conservatorio di Musica (Milano, 2009), the G.E.R.M.I. Award International Composition Competition (Rome, 2009), the InNova Musica International Competition (Andorra, 2009), the Contemporary Music Workshops of the Athens Concert Hall (Athens, 2008) and the Greek Festival of Chamber Music (Athens, 2005) and he was nominated in the International Competition of the Italian Institute of Culture (Melbourne, 2009). He has received scholarships by the International Foundation Leventis (France-UK, 2009-10), the Greek Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers along with the Greek Composers Union (Greece, 2008-09), and the Athens Concert Hall (Greece, 2006-08). Also, he has been offered funding by the British Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK, 2009), the Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (Germany, 2006), Clinker Foundation (Mexico, 2006) and the Greek Ministry of Culture (Greece, 2006).
He has been commissioned by music organisations like ZKM (Germany), University of Boston (USA, 2008), SARC/Queens University (UK, 2009), Athens Concert Hall/Greek Composers Union (Greece, 2007), and the University of Paris VIII (France, 2007). He has given lectures about his music in international conferences like Electroacoustic Music Studies Network (Sorbonne, Paris, 2008), Sound and Music Computing (Technische Universität, Berlin, 2008), Visiones Sonoras (Mexico, 2006) and Sound, Sight, Space and Play (De Montfort University, Leicester, 2009).
He has collaborated with international ensembles and important musicians for the interpretation of his music, like ALEA .
His works have been performed in many different countries like Germany (Z.K.M., Darmstadt Summer Courses), Italy (Conservatorio Verdi di Milano), France (Cervantes Institute, University of Paris VIII), USA (University of Boston, ICMC), United Kingdom (SARC, SSSP, Kettle’s Yard Art Gallery), Portugal (SMC), Hungary (Hungarian National Radio), Denmark (Re:New Festival), Lithuania (The Process), Mexico (Visiones Sonoras), Chile (Ai-maako Festival), Poland (PI Performance & Intermedia Festival), Argentina (Festival Arte Digital, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Santa Fe, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Rosario), Brazil (FILE Electronic Language Festival) and Greece (Athens Concert Hall, Greek Festival of Chamber Music, ESSIM).


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