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Santiago Diez-Fischer


Santiago Tomás Díez Fischer. He graduated on composition and Choir direction in the UCA. He took composing lessons with Rebecca Saunders in Berlin, in the city of Paris with Denis Dufour Francois Bayle, Yan Maresz and Philippe Leroux and in Argentina with Jorge Sad. 

He made the Schloss Solitude Akademie with Chaya Czernowin, Steven Takasugi and Amnon Wolman and he’s be selected for the  Ensemble Composition Workshop (Chicago 2011-Darmstadt 2012)
He obtained a scholarship at the IRCAM 2009/2010 for the CURSUS in composition. He also got a scholarship in composing research in Eichstät-Ingolstad University, Germany (2003), a subvention for artistic creation at the Antorchas Fundation (2004), a scholarship of the Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación (2004), a residence at the Altantic Center for the Arts, (Miami UCA). In 2006 he obtained a scholarship given by the Embassy of France, Mozarteum Argentine and “Cité Internationale des Arts”.
He was finalist in the SCRIME 2003 competition. He also received a mention in the competition of the Festival “Música Viva 2003” in Portugal, of the “5o concurso de música electroacustica”, Argentina, of the competition TRIME 2004, the competition “Juan Carlos Paz” for Orchestra, of Bourges 2007, a mention in “Miniaturas Electroacústicas” 2007 and two mentions in the “Bourges Composition Competition”. He also received a first prize in the MUSICA VIVA 2005 and in the Prix Joan Guinjoan 2009 (Spain).
The “Société Internationale pour la Musique Contemporaine” programmed his pieces in the Forum of the “Jeune Création Musicale” in Paris (2003/2007). His works have been interpreted by ensembles such as TM+ in the MUSIKHØST 2008 (Copenhague), CAIRN ensemble, L’imaginaire Ensemble, etc. He had been ordered several pieces: Sobre las nubes (Ensemble Syntax, France), La fleur bref (Chiasmo Ensemble, EEUU), Reflections (Conservatoire de Blanc Mesnil), Graphyas (Electroacoustic Music Centre of Santiago de Chili), Overprinted (Austral quartet, Argentina) and he have been asked to compose several pieces for the next years from the Cairn Ensemble (2010, France), Luminar trio (2010, Argentina) and Vortex Ensemble (2011, Suisse)
He has created the L.E.M.C. Ensemble for improvisation of contemporary music in the National University of Lanús, where he is professor. He has three works edited in France, Spain and Portugal.


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